Fairy Dungeon – Week 2 – The Design and Art Progress

June 30th, 2015 by

Hello, Everyone! This week we want to show you what the game is all about. But we will start from the very beginning. Oh yes, since the game was in prototype stage to the latest build of the game. Also we will be showing some artwork of Princess Faylinn(our heroine) and some game environments.

Since Prototype Stage


What is prototype stage? Think of it as if we were testing a pen or a pencil and deciding if we like how it writes or how dark the tones are. At this stage, we just want to know if it’s fun to write with our new pen!

Our Early Build consisted of elaborating on the fun and challenges the game can provide. We also ramped up the visuals. It’s in this stage when we start implementing a goal to the game and testing the controls. On the Mid Build, we started exploring on the art style. We asked ourselves questions like: Where is this game taking place? Who is our hero or heroine? What is her mission? We ask these questions to create the look and feel of the game. Our beta stage and current stage is all about making sure that new and old game mechanics work the way they should. We also make sure that the design and visuals of the game are unified.

The World


fd-game-week2-environments 1

In the world of Fairy Dungeon, diamonds represent more than just beauty. For fairies, diamonds are an energy source. Without diamonds, their cities would seize to function. But when all the diamonds disappear, it is up to Princess Faylinn to save the Fairy Kingdom.

The world of Fairy Dungeon is very colourful. With the game stages we wanted to capture the feel of a fairy tale. The levels are design so that you get hit a lot. Don’t worry, you can collect certain goodies that will restore your health. As you progress through the game you will see different locations from dark dungeon-like levels to hot scorching castles.

Princess Faylinn


fd-game-week2-characterVersions 1

Our initial state of Faylinn was just like any other fairy, but as we started thinking about the story and visuals, we decided to go with a more fun and whimsical approach. We wanted to capture a fairy that had a personality. A princess fairy that was brave and determined to save her kingdom.

fd-game-week2-characterConcept 1

Tune in next week for a closer look at the story and a couple of big surprises for those who signed up to the beta!

If you have not signed up to the beta, then visit our official page: http://thinktie.net/fairy-dungeon
Also if you missed our teaser trailer, check it out on our official youtube page: https://youtu.be/SEllCDnoWJM