FAIRY DUNGEON – Week 3 – Story, Diamonds and Treasures

July 7th, 2015 by

Welcome, heroes! Two weeks ago we showed you a small teaser for Fairy Dungeon. This week, we will be talking a little bit about the story.
Fairy Dungeon is a maze adventure game where you must traverse through different settings in order to restore balance to the fairy world. You play as Faylinn, a princess fairy, who is now in charge of gathering all the lost diamonds that powered her kingdom.
Diamant Kingdom was the strongest fairy kingdom of all the other fairy kingdoms, but all that changed when an unknown evil stole all the diamonds in Diamant Kingdom. Tasked by her mother and Queen of Diamant Kingdom, Faylinn must track this evil entity and collect all the diamonds and treasures to restore the power of Diamant Kingdom.

These treasures are all over the Diamant Kingdom. Collect them to gain extra points and gain a ton of health. You are going to need it.
These diamonds are the main power source for Diamant Kingdom, They also represent power and wisdom. Collect them to save your kingdom.