FAIRY DUNGEON – Week 4 – Beta Gameplay Trailer

July 14th, 2015 by

Now that we’ve shown the beta gameplay trailer. We want to talk about the gameplay with a little more detail.

Gameplay Details

The game is essentially a platformer except you can fly. When traveling through these levels you will encounter obstacles. You will notice how the obstacles change depending on where you are. For example, if there is a level built around ice then your obstacles might be ice related. As you progress, you will notice that the game will get progressively tougher.

The Score System

Our score system depends heavily on the diamonds you will be collecting throughout the game. The more diamonds you collect the more points you get. If you find a treasure box, make sure you collect it as well. These treasure boxes will give lots of points and will restore your health. With these collectables, the game evaluates what you have collected and it gives you a score at the end of the stage. We are still evaluating the score system, so some changes may happen. We want to make sure that it is easy to understand.

Our Next Step

We can’t wait for those who have joined to play the beta. Once the beta is out we will need your feedback to make the game even better.

Here are some of the things we are still working on:
1. Leaderboard – See where you rank against other players
2. World Map – Travel to different regions.
3. More Levels – New regions means new levels.
4. Share option – Share your score to social media.