FAIRY DUNGEON – Week 6 – The Fairy Tale Begins

July 28th, 2015 by

The Fairy Tale is Only Beginning

It’s Beta Testing Time! We have officially sent out our invites to those who subscribed. Be on the lookout to play the beta some time this week, if you previously subscribed. Now for closing, we leave you guys a special treat, the tale of Fairy Dungeon.

Fairy Dungeon

Once upon a time there was a Fairy Kingdom called Diamant Kingdom, and at the heart of the kingdom lied the Fairy Castle.

The kingdom was strong and wealthy and many were blessed by its peaceful lands and lack of evil.

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In Diamant Kingdom, the fairies would only need to collect diamonds in order to help the kingdom stay healthy.

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One night, a great evil swept through the castle and stole all the diamonds, spreading a great evil across the lands.

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But all was not lost, for a distress signal from the queen was sent to a brave young princess named Faylinn.

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When Princess Faylinn reached the castle, the darkness chased her through the halls.

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But as she looked back, she hit a strange electrical tower that put her in a deep sleep.

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As she woke up, princess Faylinn gathered all her courage and set her mind to restore the power of her kingdom.


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