Qbi™ is the queue management system you always wanted

Cloud Access

No need to worry about hefty technical support or owning servers. It’s time to focus on helping your customers.

Directing Tool

Manage your service the way you want. Keep track of staff by granting permissions, creating or editing staff accounts.

Fully Adjustable

Create the services your business needs and customize them as you see fit. Visually customize our app to your branding need.

Qbi™ will show you The Bigger Picture

Qbi™ has the option to visually and audibly call customers. Providing, also, videos and other forms of entertainment, to all of your costumers.

Qbi Screen 1

Qbi™ Across All Platforms

Available for Android and IOS. Our app will help your business and your costumers have the clearest communication possible.

Qbi Screen 2
Qbi Screen 3

Qbi™ is the perfect delivery

Qbi™ is an intelligent software that will simultaneously communicate with multiple devices to better adapt to your business. Our app will help your business give the best care to your costumers.

Qbi™ is waiting for you

Experience the future of queue management today. Subscribe today to Qbi and see how it could help you with your business.